InnoNorth Agency Spotlight

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Tucked away on Washington Street in Salem, MA, altr is a small, but growing Innovation & Design firm working with some of Boston’s hottest start-ups and big, global brand names.

Specializing in user experience and brand marketing, altr helps clients set the standard for their industries by creating human-first experiences that produce measurable business results.

For us, design is about way more than just the look and feel of something, it’s about understanding and impacting how people feel, think, and act.

Christine Pillsbury, altr Founder and Chief of Design.

Where does this perspective matter? In short: everywhere.

We all expect things to be as smart as Google, as fast as Amazon, and as intuitive as Apple. This is a good thing; the pace of innovation has never been faster. But it also means that it’s harder than ever for any product or service to compete, let alone breakthrough.

As consumers, we’ve never had it so good. Now our high expectations extend to every aspect of our lives, disrupting how we want to work, communicate, learn and stay healthy.

If you have sleep apnea, the path to a better night’s sleep shouldn’t be a mystery or require multiple office visits.

If you’re looking for a new apartment, you should be able to easily search all available the listings, not just the ones that are advertised to you.

If you’re a doctor, you should be able to monitor and treat your patients on ventilators no matter where you or they are.

If your job depends on getting the right products, to the right markets, at the right time then you can’t be buried in spreadsheets and emails all day.

If you need to see all the images on the web that have your company’s brand in them, you might need a second set of eyes, from an AI.

Even things that should be a no-brainer, like finding the best primary care for people over 65, needs to be a lot more transparent and simple.

We live in a world where new ideas and technologies have the potential to radically improve our lives, but unless you’re addressing a real-human need, unless your product is instantly intuitive, and unless your message is crystal clear, the reality is your company is fighting an uphill battle that you’ll likely lose.

When we say We Design The Future Every Day, what we’re talking about is helping companies identify their unique opportunities and voice, and then work with them to create the product and marketing experiences that prove it.

Geordie McClelland, altr Founder and Chief of Strategy.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what altr’s clients have to say, check out their work, and follow altr for updates and insights.