Learn & Plan

In order to better serve the needs of people with Type 2 diabetes, BD set out to create a central, digital hub for people to manage all aspects of their care – from tracking personal health data to the behavioral, educational and emotional support intended to help them make healthy life choices.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

User journey mapping

Product design


User testing

Visual design

Collaborative work sessions

User research

Competitive analysis

Concept & Test

Through a process which included a national, quantitative study to better understand the needs and challenges of people with Type 2 diabetes at different stages in the management of their disease and multiple rounds of concepting and user testing, our collective teams designed a new, goal-oriented experience that met people where they were in their treatment.

Design & Deliver

The new BD® Diabetes Care mobile application, designed and built in collaboration with the company’s own in-house team of strategists, designers and developers, delivers a custom coaching experience for people dealing with a diagnosis that lasts a lifetime. From helping people understand their diagnosis and start taking their first steps in managing it, to helping those who have fallen off track a long time after their initial diagnosis, the BD® Diabetes Care app was designed to help empower people and their healthcare providers to achieve and maintain a more healthy lifestyle while dealing with one of the most common chronic diseases in the world.

Dynamic data visualization
Comparative information display
Voice entry capabilities
Medical device pairing support

By working with our UX lead, altr’s design team came up with a wonderful visual interface with intuitive designs for certain features. This has helped triple engagement in the platform.

Ed Liebowitz, Digital Diabetes Product Leader

Data Visualization
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