Research & Plan

Since 2005, Jitterbit has been a leader in application integration, helping customers make their businesses run more efficiently with unified data across their organization and automated workflows. But while customers trusted the power of Jitterbit’s back-end to effectively manage, connect, and leverage their data, the experience of building these integrations felt dated, unintuitive, and inefficient.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

User experience

Product design

UX persona development


User acceptance testing

User testing


Visual design

Journey mapping

Collaborative concepting

CSS style guide

Experience design

Concept & Test

Through rounds of concepting, prototype testing, and user acceptance testing, we rethought the entire integration experience, creating a more visual, straight-forward interface designed to serve the needs of a spectrum of users and influencers: from highly technical integration engineers, to non-technical sales, marketing, and finance purchasers.

Design & Deliver

The new Cloud Studio delivers a more consistent, more easily understandable canvas to build and view integration workflows. Users can now clearly see the relationship between applications with a novel, first of its kind interface that reduces the complexity of standard node to node mapping views. Thanks to the new iPaaS design, customers from start-ups to global enterprises, can initiate, build, share, and deploy more seamless, straightforward integrations to make better decisions and make their business run more efficiently. Altr continues to collaborate with the Jitterbit team to optimize and evolve the Cloud Studio experience as new functionality is added and user behaviors evolve.

Product Suite Branding
Platform Design System
Premium Brand Integration
Flexible Form Patterns
Ready Made Building Blocks
Complexity Simplified
NextGen Mapping UI
Low Code Programming

They’re very hands-on and really want to understand our business, our product, and our customers. They made themselves experts on our space and our offering in a very short time. It really felt we were working together as colleagues versus a vendor-customer type relationship.

Betsy Bilhorn, SVP Product

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