Research & Plan

Wellist is a virtual case manager designed to help people leaving the hospital with a new diagnosis or health situation find the non-clinical services they might need to feel their best. While the concept was well received by prospective customer hospitals and their patients, the user experience didn’t deliver on the company’s promise – and many users abandoned the experience before benefiting from it. In talking with users and their physicians, we realized that this service, built on the promise of bringing people together to help each other needed to feel much more human.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Product strategy

Product design

Experience design



Collaborative work sessions


User testing

Concept & Test

Through a series of UX work sessions and multiple rounds of in-person and virtual testing with Wellist’s clinical partners and their patients, we rethought the entire Wellist experience. We elevated the personal, consultative aspect of the brand, mirroring the empathetic, conversational experience of working with great care managers and we created new ways for friends, family, and neighbors to contribute to Wellist users’ well-being.

Design & Deliver

altr partnered with Wellist’s in-house development team to launch the new Wellist, now helping more people get the advice and help they need to feel better, and to never feel alone. The new user-tested Wellist experience was a critical element in the company’s acquisition of new hospital customers and was awarded “Innovative Tech of the Year—Healthcare Tech” in 2016 by MassTLC.

They jumped into our culture. The speed at which altr delivered work and their diligence in terms of keeping everyone on schedule was very impressive.

Amanda Carbonneau, Head of Product

A Personal Wellist
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