Research & Plan

Winter 2014 was a special brand of hell in Boston. Record snowfall led to record delays and cancelations for the city’s transit system. While experts estimated that it might take billions to fix and maintain the country’s oldest public transport system, we did not have billions.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Product design

User journey mapping

Experience design

Visual design


Native app design

Brand development


Concept & Test

Instead of fixing the MBTA, our team set out to design something that could ease the pain of a public transportation system that always seemed destined to fail. To do this, we concepted the first predictive commuter-focused application: DELAID.

Design & Deliver

We designed DELAID to use machine learning to factor weather, time of day, and a growing archive of arrival data to help commuters better anticipate and plan for when their trains and buses might be delayed. Built specifically for the daily routine of commuters, DELAID streamlined the traditional map way-finding experience, into a system focused 100% on getting you from point A to point B on time, every time.

Predictive commuter app for Apple Watch
Built for commuters, not tourists
Simple, one-time set-up
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