Research & Plan

When people end up paying more in interest than what they’ve borrowed on a loan or credit card, it creates a vicious cycle of debt for those who can least afford it. After a lifetime in financial services, Kevin Devaney knew there was a better way for these people to access money when they needed it, and our research with individuals struggling with debt confirmed it was time for a new approach.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Brand development

Product design

Product strategy

Campaign development

Visual design

Competitive analysis

Facebook integration

Responsive web development

Concept & Test

Working with our team at altr, Kevin envisioned a new financial service built around community lending: a way to help people save and get cash advances for necessities like rent, education, and transportation without relying on payday loans and credit cards. Together we created a new brand and business model to make this idea a reality.

Design & Deliver

Divvy is an online community lending pool. At Divvy, this time-tested concept has been reimagined and put to work to help solve one of society’s biggest challenges. People who previously felt that they had no choice but to risk their future in order to pay their bills today, can now work together to start saving and paying for life’s regular and unexpected expenses

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Brand Platform
Marketing Platform
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