Research & Plan

Iora Health is revolutionizing the world of primary care medicine with a new team-based, holistic approach to care that is resulting in happier, healthier patients and more passionate and committed physicians, nurses, and health coaches. With their success, Iora Health needed a suite of websites for their local Primary Care practices that could grow with (and further accelerate the growth of) their business. We discovered that the business needed more than just new websites, but they needed to help people rethink how they were evaluating their primary care options.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Responsive web design

Experience brief

User journey mapping


Visual design

Persona development

Wordpress development

User acceptance testing

Concept & Test

Our concept for the new Iora Primary Care website was to clearly provide people with the information they’ve been conditioned to look for when selecting a new PCP: How convenient is the location? How experienced are the physicians? And then we’d suggest that there’s something more at Iora Primary Care: a team-based approach designed to give patients the scarcest thing in healthcare, physicians’ time.

Design & Deliver

As Iora Primary Care grows, their new suite of sites have to grow as well. So the new site was built upon a platform that allowed Iora’s marketing team to quickly create and launch new, integrated, on-brand, yet locally relevant practice-specific websites. Since launching with fourteen locations, the platform now supports twenty-one local sites across six different geographies. With this new suite of local primary care websites, Iora Health doubled its patient population in 2017 and is on track to double it again. On site, monthly organic traffic increased from 50 visits to over 21,000 YoY.


Responsive lead-gen website
Local event features
Simplified search
Local sites built for SEO

Virtual Tour of Iora Primary Care's Office

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Serving patients' needs and proving Iora's difference
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