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Effective engagement in social media is challenging for all companies, but particularly difficult for small and medium sized companies who lack the resources to be able to effectively monitor and contribute to every mention and conversation. Part of the problem is that tracking keywords and influencers provides only a limited view into the discussions that a brand might want to be a part of. Social is about conversation topics, so why aren’t there tools for brand managers and marketers to help them discover? That’s what the founders of Trender.ai asked, and then they asked altr to develop a brand, marketing site, and product experience for their company’s launch.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Competitive analysis

Brand development

Visual design

Responsive web design

Product design


Experience design

Collaborative work sessions


Figma style guide

Motion design

Concept & Test

In working with the Trender team, we came to realize how much was broken in how marketers were able to engage in social networks – without conversation topics, is it really social? So we went out to show how Trender could “unbreak social” for their clients with a clear, compelling illustration of the Trender’s functionality, exposing the gaps in other services’ offerings.

On the product side, we collaborated with the Trender team in a rapid concepting phase. We simplified and standardized key flows like account linking and management, as well as topic following and posting to make Trender’s social marketing manager users’ jobs easier and their work, more effective.

Design & Deliver

With a differentiated story, we then created a brand and logo to signal to marketers that this is a product for them. The new Trender visual language was designed to balance the playfulness of social marketing with the reliability of an enterprise-quality, decision support tool. And since the folks at Twitter got the bird, we were determined to give Trender an even cooler squirrel. For the product design, we knew that listening to customers and rapidly iterating on their needs would be critical for Trender’s success in a highly competitive market. So while designing a beta experience to be a part of the brand’s launch, we also delivered a full design system that would allow Trender’s team to continue to evolve the offering with the speed and responsiveness required of new businesses today.

The team really dug deep to understand what we’re trying to do and learn as much as they can about our domain space.

Betsy Bilhorn, Co-Founder & CPO, trender.ai

Brand ID & Style Guide
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