Research & Plan

Homethrive is a virtual care service. It was created to help more people age in-home comfortably and safely, while reducing the time and emotional burden borne by the over 45 million unpaid caregivers and family members who tend to the needs of this population. After a successful pilot, the new business needed to accelerate its growth with a clearer, more compelling articulation of its value to older adults and their families. Research with the Homethrive team, existing members, and a nation-wide survey of family caregivers uncovered an opportunity for the company to compel more people to seek the company’s help.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables


Competitive analysis


Marketing research

Journey mapping

Persona development

Responsive web design

Visual design

Concept & Test

Collaborating with Homethrive’s founders, their VP of Product and their team of Care Guides, we developed a positioning that helped families recognize the amount of work they were doing on behalf of their older relatives and gave them permission to ask for help. A clearer articulation of exactly how Homethrive and their Care Guides help families differentiated the service from other, more broadly understood home care services.

Design & Deliver

The new brand and supporting website improved and accelerated the company’s close rate with families and employers who might offer Homethrive to their employees. Following launch, the company for the first time, began enrolling purely organic leads who discovered, evaluated and purchased the service entirely on their own.

They not only delivered a website and brand that people love, but propelled us towards success.

Leland Brewster, VP Product

Brand ID & Styleguide
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