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As telemedicine becomes a more understood and accepted way to deliver care, both established companies and start-ups are looking for ways to use the technology to more efficiently deliver care. In public safety and 911 response, municipalities are increasingly leveraging telemedicine for their response to non-acute calls. MD Ally was founded with a different mentality though: What if, they asked, telemedicine was not simply considered as a replacement for traditional emergency response, but instead telemedicine was used as a new platform to activate the broader public health system, from Primary Care Providers and mental health specialists to community-serving organizations, to help improve outcomes for people who have come to rely on 911 for all of their healthcare needs? What if, in addition to improving efficiency, we leveraged telehealth to improve the overall, long-term effectiveness of public safety? It was a new way of looking at telemedicine in public safety, and MD Ally called on altr to help them communicate it.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Responsive web design

Collaborative work sessions


Visual design

Site development

Competitive analysis

User journey mapping

Brand update

Concept & Test

With an increasingly crowded market of competitors creating confusion about MD Ally’s unique offering, we needed to create a site experience that quickly differentiated MD Ally’s system-wide approach from more standard, patchwork access to telehealth services and illustrated the ease and value of a collaboration with the company. Through simple, dynamic illustrated explainers, we showed the ecosystem of services MD Ally can seamlessly connect, while highlighting the positive, systemic impact these connections can realize for patients, public safety officials and payors.

Design & Deliver

The new MDAlly.com was designed as a centerpiece for the organization’s growing sales and marketing effort – introducing new, simple ways to show how the company helps public safety systems serve more people, with more comprehensive care that connects and empowers a new 911 ecosystem.

Dynamic infographics
Rich storytelling

Our team is thrilled, investors are excited, and the reception by our prospect base has been incredible.

Shanel Fields, Co-Founder & CEO, MD Ally

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