Research & Plan

The market for small and medium sized business email marketing providers has gotten a lot more crowded since Constant Contact first pioneered the industry. But as an established leader, Constant Contact had built a much more robust offering than “just” email marketing. Through its own services and affiliated agencies, Constant Contact was helping its customers become marketers in every sense of the word, but prospective customers weren’t getting the whole story.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Campaign development

Messaging development

Responsive web site design

Experience brief

User research

Collaborative work sessions

Visual design

Competitive analysis

Concept & Test

Through collaborative work sessions with Constant Contact’s marketing and product teams, customer interviews, and multiple rounds of concepting, altr developed an evolved, more complete brand proposition for Constant Contact. The new concept pushed beyond the functional capabilities of Constant Contact’s email marketing platform to speak to the Constant Contact’s ability to offer its customers more of a full-service marketing offering.

Design & Deliver

We designed a website that could more effectively convert visitors with this differentiated value proposition. Constant Contact leveraged the new positioning and elements of the new site design throughout its on and offline advertising.

They take the time to understand what your business is, who you are, and what makes you tick.

Rob Roesler, Website and Business Strategy Director

Mobile-first lead-gen & customer site experience
Simple, value-based navigation structure
Case studies & service overviews
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