Research & Plan

As part of the company’s new brand launch, Homethrive needed to transform its primarily phone-enabled, aging in-home service onto an app in order to effectively scale the organization without compromising the member experience. Our process started with an evaluation of what’s worked and what could be improved through a digital transformation – including simplifying onboarding and identifying the parts of the relationship that could be handled best on an app and those where phone interactions would be most useful.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Product design


User journey mapping

Experience brief


Collaborative work sesssions

Competitive analysis

Persona development

Concept & Test

Through a rapid concepting phase coordinated with the new brand launch, our team designed a chat-based member app experience, the foundation for a series of additional functionality that would be launched through the year.

Design & Deliver

The new app delivered on the promise of Homethrive’s newly launched brand, an easy to use, always on connection between families and the Care Guides helping with the care of their older relatives. The new on-boarding experience simplified sign-up and increased trials, while new clarity about the company’s service encouraged more families to sign up for Homethrive’s most premium service level.

They’ve empowered us with functionalities that were previously impossible—like marketing automation and an online signup process.

Leland Brewster, VP Product

Always-on human and automated chat
Simple call scheduling
One place to track appointments
Streamlined Signup To Encourage Trial
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Because we can help families be families again.

HomeThrive (Brand & Marketing)

Because we are all impacted by Type 2 diabetes.

Becton, Dickinson, and Company