Research & Plan

After announcing the launch of an autonomous-driving joint venture, Hyundai and Aptiv needed a digital partner to support the new company’s brand rollout. With the backing of a leading car manufacturer and a pioneering automotive technology company, the new company would debut as a leader in the self-driving industry. With the company entering the market as a leader, they needed a site that leveraged the newness of the company to spark excitement among prospective employees and partners, while illustrating the history of success and innovation that differentiates it from other new players.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Responsive web design

Collaborative work sessions


Visual design

Site development


Competitive analysis

Marketing research

Concept & Test

altr collaborated with the new company, its brand and PR agency to rapidly design, develop and launch a series of sites teasing and then announcing the new company: Motional.

Design & Deliver

The Motional brand launch site focuses on telling the story of the new company: a unique debut for a company with decades of experience building, testing and revolutionizing driverless technology. With a focus on building the Motional team, the new site became the centerpiece of the new company’s PR and recruiting efforts.

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