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While restaurants and the food service industry has changed a lot in the past 40 years, the tools available to the companies that supply and furnish these businesses haven’t. The Food Equipment and Services (FE&S) industry relies on a mishmash of planning software, cobbled together to try to address their unique needs. Centerpiece Software was founded to build the next generation of software, co-designed and built exclusively for FE&S providers. And to best understand and respond to these users’ needs, they collaborated with our team at altr.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

User journey mapping

Competitive analysis

Collaborative work sessions

Product design

Material design framework


User testing

Concept & Test

Our work began with an assessment of FE&S project managers’ current workflows, working alongside PMs representing a diverse group of companies to identify and understand their day to day challenges. The number of tools they used validated Centerpiece’s core proposition to create a consolidated, custom offering. But the truly differentiating value came when we uncovered a hurdle faced by every PM: inefficiency in coordination and communications.

Design & Deliver

Through a rapid design and testing process, we created Centerpiece’s project management tool. This new approach to project management didn’t just plan and track progress, but actively advanced projects as an integrated communications tool, assigning and managing the completion of tasks by both internal and external team members. For FE&S project managers using Centerpiece, planning means getting things done.

altr has been the best group that we’ve worked with.

Sam Grote, Founder & CEO, Centerpiece Software

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