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While cannabis has shown great promise in helping to manage chronic pain, sleeplessness and anxiety, those who are seeking relief generally lack access to the kind of close, ongoing clinical partnership necessary to define and maintain an optimal cannabis care regimen. EO Care is a digital health platform designed to fill this void and bring responsible, affordable cannabis care and products to all who might benefit. After developing an MVP experience, EO brought in altr to rethink and optimize the product’s UX and visual design, evolve the website, and complete the brand experience through DTC packaging design.

Key Project Methods and Deliverables

Experience Brief

Brand Update

Product Design

Collaborative Work Sessions

Journey Mapping

Site Design

Visual Design Updates

Style Guides

Concept & Test

Through a series of collaborative work sessions, altr and the EO Care team concepted and refined a new EO Care app experience designed to help users better plan their day-to-day treatment and provide more effective feedback to help EO’s physicians better recommend updates to their treatment regime. This approach helped EO foster more productive engagement, providing better visibility into users’ therapy response in order to improve their responsiveness and the overall effectiveness of their treatment.

Design & Deliver

While pioneering a new type of care, especially with a substance that is only recently legalized, it was important that the entire EO Care experience from the app, to the web, to the product that gets delivered to customers, build trust and confidence. So we create a clear, open experience with a focus on helping users understand what’s being recommended to them and why. With a clinical backing and an experience built for everyone from the cannabis curious to experienced users, EO Care is a pioneering, premium service that’s here to get cannabis right.

Dynamic home screen & simplified tracking
Calendar views for guidance and visibility
User input tailors custom treatment plans

They were really passionate about making something that looked beautiful and behaved in beautiful ways.

Co-Founder, EO Care

And…the best is yet to come with an updated UI and enhanced UX

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