Research & Plan

For years the standard of care for people using CPAP machines to treat sleep apnea was to rely on periodic in-clinic consultations or home visits to ensure that they were properly using these medical devices. As a result, problems were often identified too late and outcomes (both in terms of quality of life and overall health) were negatively impacted.

While designing a new IoT system for CPAP users, we learned that helping users understand their treatment and the data collected by their CPAP was as big an opportunity as connecting them to their physicians.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Human factors research

Stakeholder interviews

Product strategy

Product design

Experience design

Visual design


User testing

Concept & Test

altr worked with the team at Breas-HDM, physicians, and our development partners to fully understand the gaps in understanding and day-to-day CPAP usage that were negatively affecting outcomes. We threw out old paradigms for presenting and digesting data to create new, consumer tech-influenced interfaces that encouraged personal coaching and continual improvement.

Design & Deliver

We designed the new app to improve outcomes and increase adherence with more knowledgeable, more confident CPAP users. We did this by connecting users to their caregivers and using the app to coach them on the links between the data their machines were capturing, how they feel, and their commitment to healthy behavior.

The app received rave reviews at an industry conference for its innovative concept and intuitive design.

Mark Carleo, Elyxor Managing Partner

Consumer app coaches and connects
users with their doctors
In-depth data exploration
Connecting what users do and how they feel with their CPAP's data
A simple though PHI compliant user set up
New, more tactile setting controls
Responsive Tablet Mode
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