Research & Plan

For brands the fact that only 20% of the images that feature their products or logos were tagged or captioned, meant that they were blind to 80% of their presence on the visual web. Ditto Labs was created to fill that gap with a new, AI-based standard for searching images. But a new way to search visual content on the web necessitated a new way of creating meaning from that content.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Experience brief

Collaborative work sessions

Product design


Visual design


User testing

Experience design

Concept & Test

Working with the team at Ditto, as well as users including brand community managers and CMOs, we designed the future vision for Ditto’s Brand Manager platform. The new system enables users to uncover and understand the business impact of their searches of the visual web.

Design & Deliver

The new platform goes way beyond tracking simple instances of a brand by focusing on helping users understand the context of that presence – Does the brand appear often with other brands? Which ones? Are people happy around your brand? Does your brand tend to appear alongside other things? Who are the people posting pictures of your brand? Where are they? How influential are they? What else do they like? How have all of these things changed over time? It’s a new, visual world. Ditto Labs has built the system to map it, and we’re working with them to help people understand it and get true value from it.

Their skill, talent, and flexibility set them apart.

Tacita Morway, VP Engineering and Product

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