Research & Plan

Managing and treating chronic diseases has always been difficult. Hypertension and diabetes aren’t conditions that can be simply treated and cured, they are a part of people’s lives. So the traditional model of treating patients in clinics, when people spend 99.999% of their lives outside of a clinic, just doesn’t work. Twine Health developed a collaborative care platform that bridges this gap, connecting people with their care teams to integrate treatment into the rest of their lives. In an increasingly competitive med-tech market, the effectiveness of their platform was getting lost with messaging that did little to differentiate Twine.

Key Project Methods & Deliverables

Stakeholder interviews

Campaign development

Market research

Brand development

Competitive analysis

Collaborative work sessions

Visual design

CRM strategy & email development

Concept & Test

Though Twine’s platform gave patients a sense of independence, while significantly improving outcomes, the company’s “patient-led healthcare” messaging wasn’t just not breaking through, it wasn’t what most patients wanted. Through interviews and testing, altr discovered the real value of Twine’s platform was in its ability to connect patients at any time and anywhere to the physicians and health coaches people wanted to lead their care.

Design & Deliver

The new patient-focused site, email and in-clinic campaign and the B2B sales site, all focused on the idea that Twine’s technology was enabling a fundamental element of healthcare: the care. In addition to supporting new practice and patient sign-ups, the new sites and positioning helped Twine better articulate its story to investors through its first round of fund-raising.

The quality of their design and implementation was exceptional.

John Moore, MD, Founder and CEO

A patient engagement site to drive sign-ups
Calls to actions to drive downloads
B2B site built around hospitals' needs
B2B lead capture forms designed to convert
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Social Campaign
Email Marketing
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