Return On Education At Bentley

Whether they are looking to manage work and a part-time degree or considering a full-time program, prospective graduate business students are increasingly pragmatic in how they decide whether or not to pursue a degree and where to pursue it. Especially in a strong economy, the decision can get even more difficult as the perceived cost of an additional degree only increases.

Let’s face it: graduate business degrees aren’t cheap. But as an investment, they can be money well spent, especially at a school like Bentley University with the number 2-ranked Career Services (Princeton Review) and number 4-ranked program in terms of salary potential (Payscale).

From the programs it offers and the faculty it hires, to the University’s investments in on-campus facilities and online programs, Bentley was built from the ground up to prepare students with the skills and experience employers need.

In altr’s collaboration with Bentley on the University’s new MBA and Masters program website, we focused on creating a site that told that story: helping prospective students find the program that will best serve their career objectives and giving them the information they would need to make a thoughtful assessment on the ROI of a Bentley education, including:

– A clear alignment between Bentley’s MS and MBA programs with the most in-demand and growing professional skills

– Alumni stories that speak to the immediate connection between their professional success and their experiences at Bentley

– Faculty features that highlight professor’s continued work in and out of the classroom to ensure their courses best prepare students for the jobs of today and tomorrow

– Starting salary, placement data, and employers hiring graduates by program to provide insight into the demand for Bentley graduates

– Transparency around the full cost of a Bentley education and opportunities for students to save through merit aid and on-campus work

Throughout their careers, Bentley University graduates will be making decisions about the best investments for their companies and their clients – with the new Bentley Graduate website we’re giving them the tools and information they need to make a decision about an investment in themselves.

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