Strange Bedfellows: User Experience and Fake News

At a time when we can’t seem to agree on anything, there is one apparent area of consensus : fake news is a problem. Whether your concern lies with the mainstream media or fringe outlets like Brietbart, fake news is breeding distrust, threatening our institutions, and both indirectly and in some cases directly threatening people’s […]

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Best Web Design Firm Boston

altr named a top design firm in Boston (again)!

For the second year in a row, altr’s clients have rated us one of the best web design firms in Boston. We’re always excited to see Clutch’s annual rankings for the top web design and user experience firms and even more pumped when altr ranks high in their ratings, because different than many awards, the […]

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Concepting: Strategy’s New Best Friend

— Originally published on KOA LABS — Most of us in the world of marketing and product development are given one of two hats: strategy or creative. When talking with clients or peers, we might say “we’re on the strategy side of the business,” or that I’m “a creative.” Sometimes these separate roles manifest themselves […]

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Rebuilding Healthcare, From The Ground Up

These are exciting times for healthcare innovation, especially with technology that is empowering patients through advances like health and fitness trackers, IoT in-home medical devices, and collaborative care platforms. At altr, we’ve been lucky to work with a number of companies who are pioneering care outside the traditional clinical environment and realizing incredible outcomes that […]

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Want to work with us?

We’re looking for a talented art director / visual designer. Someone who can create everything from a brand identity, digital marketing campaigns, to stunningly beautiful (and useful) websites and apps. Must have a portfolio of work and references that prove it. This is a project based freelance gig that could lead to a FT role. […]

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InnoNorth Agency Spotlight

(Originally posted here) Tucked away on Essex Street in Salem, MA, altr is a small, but growing Innovation & Design firm working with some of Boston’s hottest start-ups and big, global brand names. Specializing in user experience and brand marketing, we help clients set the standard for their industries by creating human-first experiences that produce […]

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Less Hunt, More Find with Rental Beast

Home ownership has always been a centerpiece of the American dream. Home rental? Not so much. But increasingly renting is becoming the American reality, with home ownership declining since 2004 and now more than 110 million people renting. As the world changes, the real estate industry has been slow to catch up. While multiple listing […]

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People Helping People at Wellist

You’ve either experienced it or know someone who has: leaving the hospital with a new diagnosis or a newborn and feeling like everything has changed. Living life to the fullest isn’t just about getting great medical care; it’s also about getting help with all of the little things that if gone unaddressed, become big things. […]

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Finding The UX Firm That Fits (Guest post by Clutch.co)

Clutch is a startup in Washington, DC that connects small and medium businesses with the agencies and software solutions that can help them accomplish their business goals. Given the breadth of agencies, providers, and services available in today’s marketplace, it’s a challenging process for buyers to find the perfect fit. That’s where Clutch comes in. […]

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A Top Digital Agency in Boston? Well, that’s awesome.

After only two years of operation, altr has been named one of the top digital agencies in Boston by Clutch. If you’ve ever worked with us, you know we’d rather talk about results than accolades, but since the Clutch ratings are determined by client reviews, experience and reputation, this one feels a bit different and […]

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